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Brief Introduction

Wenling Nanshan Electric Machinery Factory(NOSCH) was founded in 1972, its predecessor was the state-owned Wenling Micro-Electric Machinery Factory. In 2008, a joint venture with Taiwan's well-known enterprise "Taiwan Xizi Electronics Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd" established Taizhou Chuangpu Machinery and Electricity Co., Ltd.


The company introduced Taiwan's advanced technology and equipment, production and manufacturing technology and management concepts, so that the company has rapid development and progress every year, plays a benchmarking role in the same industry, and establishes a good reputation and reputation among customers.


The company has iron shell single three-phase asynchronous motor series, aluminum alloy shell three-phase asynchronous motor series, frequency conversion motor series, permanent magnet direct current motor series, etc. At present, it is mainly committed to the development of ventilation equipment motor. Our company integrates R&D, production, sales and service. Our products have not only obtained dozens of patent certificates for invention, but also obtained 3C certificate, CE certificate and ISO 9001 management system certificate after testing by the national testing institution.


While winning the title of Taizhou High-tech Enterprise, the company has made great strides in innovation, stability, efficiency and energy saving through long-term technical cooperation with China Institute of Metrology and Zhejiang University of Technology.


Three Series of Motor for Ventilation Equipment


YF series motor ----- Industrial evaporative air cooler/desert air cooler/swamp air cooler.

YF series electric motor special use for industrial evaporative air cooler.after years of hard research, we developed a new generation of hexagonal high-efficiency energy-saving motor.

This new type of product is very popular in southeast Asia and South Asia, and has won the favor of many customers.


YSF series motor ------ Poultry/farm exhaust fan/wall mounted exhaust fan/duct pipe fan/blower fan, etc.

This type of motor has the widest range of application,a variety of styles make it enough to meet the needs of most customers,4-pole and 6-pole motors are the most commonly used types.

Some customers will choose some conventional motors or even Siemens motors, which will not only increase the cost, but also fail to achieve the best results.


YZL series ------ FRP fan/glass fiber exhaust fan

YZL series electric motor special use for FRP fan,it's characterized by a very large starting torque, weight than other fan motor heavier.

The powerful torque makes the fan give full play to its performance.


The above is our main three series of products, if you have any inquiries or requirements, please check the following contact information.


ATTENTION: All our products are CCC&CE certification.


Contact information:

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