One Of Our Main Products-----FRP Cone Fan


FRP negative pressure fan commonly known as: FRP exhaus […]

FRP negative pressure fan commonly known as: FRP exhaust fan,suction fan, FRP cone fan, smoke exhaust fan, can be installed side wall or roof.Action principle: the main effect of negative pressure fan in the need of ventilation places, such as industrial workshop, logistics, warehousing, business hot gas in the public places, agricultural greenhouse, such as dust, smoke, smell bad gas emitted, place in a large number of harmful gas is expelled after indoor form negative pressure, atmosphere for indoor and outdoor air pressure balance, natural places from the Windows and doors to enter indoor,outdoor fresh air to achieve good ventilation and cooling effect.

Our products are the core components of this type of fan-----YZL series electric motors.

This is our special motor for FRP negative pressure fan,the models are very complete to meet the needs of different customers.