Common faults in the motor during maintenance


There will always be such and such problems in the use […]

There will always be such and such problems in the use of electric motors in the field. For the common small problems, users need to master these common knowledge by themselves, and can carry out simple motor maintenance. Then, the abnormal sound of the motor is a kind of motor fault. What kind of maintenance method should we use for this problem?


Motor repair should start with the simplest solution to see if the motor is in a horizontal position. If the ground is not flat, the motor will be abnormal when the motor is running due to the high vibration frequency. This is only necessary to slightly adjust the placement of the motor. If the fault still fails to be solved after the position has been changed, continue to correct it as follows.
If the components inside the motor fail, abnormal sounds will occur, especially if there is friction between the rotor and the stator. If the reason is in this respect, it can only be to replace the old bearing and adjust the center line of the rotor.
In many cases, even if the position of the motor is relatively positive, and the stator and the rotor do not interfere with each other, the sound will be emitted as usual. At this time, attention should be paid to the assembly of the bearing, if it is a bad assembly. The motor repair factory needs to be re-adjusted.
Reasons: 1. Motor mechanical friction, including fixed and rotor phase rubbing.
Handling: Check the gap between the rotating part and the stationary part to find out the cause of the rubbing and then correct it.
Reason: 2. The motor may run in single phase.
Handling: Power should be cut off first, then closed. If it can't start and the sound is abnormal, there may be a phase disconnection. Check the power supply wiring and repair it.
Reason: 3. The motor bearing is short of oil or damage.
Handling: The bearing should be cleaned and refueled. If the bearing is damaged, the new bearing should be replaced.
Reason: 4, the motor wiring is wrong.
Handling: The wiring should be checked and corrected.
Reason: 5, the motor rotor winding is open.
Handling: Look for the break and fix it.
Reason: 6. The motor shaft is bent.
Handling: Straighten or replace the shaft.
Reason: 7. The rotor or belt pulley is not balanced.
Handling: Balance after power failure.
Reason: 8. The motor coupling is loose.
Handling: Look for loose parts and tighten the bolts.
Reason: 9. The installation foundation is uneven or defective.
Handling: The fixing of the foundation and the base plate should be checked and corrected.
Reason: 10. The direct connection center is not aligned.
Handling: Re-find the center and connect again.