About (Galvanized Sheet) Negative Pressure Fan


advantage 1.Set ventilation, exhaust, cooling in one. 2 […]


1.Set ventilation, exhaust, cooling in one.

2.Energy saving: less power consumption, only about 10% to 15% of the traditional air-conditioning.

3.Cooling effect is good: outside air passes cooling water lian to enter indoor hind, the indoor temperature of side of cooling water shade can achieve 5-10 degrees of cooling effect.

4.Environmental protection: No freon (CFC).

Reduce infectivity disease, prevent the virus such as paroxysmal flu effectively to wait for large area to spread. Flying fowl, mosquito, fly is the medium of contagion, because water lian type ventilated system is negative pressure airtight, must reduce the transmission probability of disease vector, will make working personnel work below comfortable and safe rest assured environment.


Suitable for high temperature or peculiar smell workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum profile factory, shoe factory, leather parts factory, electroplating factory, various chemical plants.