Advantages of water-cooled air conditioning


Water-cooled air-conditioning is a very popular air-con […]

Water-cooled air-conditioning is a very popular air-conditioner. The principle is to use groundwater as a circulation. Usually, the water temperature of about 15 meters underground is generally about 18 degrees. In summer, the water is pumped up by the water pump to cool the air through the indoor fan coil. The purpose is to return the water back to the ground through the pipeline. This cycle of winter can achieve the purpose of heating.

The most notable feature of water-cooled air conditioners is their low price because it lacks the compressor unit of the outdoor unit of general air conditioning. And very energy-saving, usually water-cooled air conditioning only 1/10--1/25 power consumption of general air conditioning, low power consumption and low cost, is a very economical and practical air conditioning. In addition to these, the water-cooled air conditioner can maintain moderate dehumidification, will not be excessively dry, and the relative humidity will always maintain a comfortable level of 60-65%, which overcomes the drawback of excessive drying of the Freon air conditioner. There is also air purification ability, constantly generating negative ions, soft and cool room temperature, refreshing like a forest-like natural environment, no longer have to worry about air conditioning.