Classification of ventilation types


Ventilation is divided into natural ventilation and mec […]

Ventilation is divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation according to the power of air flow.


Natural ventilation


The power of ventilation is the "hot pressure" produced by the difference between indoor and outdoor air temperature and the "wind pressure" produced by the effect of outdoor air. These two factors sometimes exist alone or at the same time.

It is a schematic diagram of natural ventilation by hot pressure. When the indoor air temperature (tu) is higher than the outdoor air temperature (tW), the indoor hot air rises because of the small density and is discharged from the upper window hole. Outdoor air with lower temperature and higher density flows into the room through the lower window holes. The larger the difference between indoor and outdoor air temperature (that is, the greater the density difference), the greater the difference between the height of upper and lower window holes, and the larger the area of window holes, the larger the ventilation volume.

Ventilation system

The size and direction of the wind are constantly changing, so the ventilation effect of natural ventilation is unstable. However, natural ventilation does not consume energy and is an economical ventilation measure.


Dynamic ventilation is a full-pressure or centrifugal fan based on the principle of cross-flow, which exchanges the indoor and outdoor air forcibly, and at the same time performs muffling, air purification, gas heat exchange and other work.

Scope of application: hotels, apartments, villas, office buildings, business buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Applicable window type: flat window, push-pull window, fixed window, etc.

Colour: According to the customer provided color palette, can order color

Product characteristics

1) Excellent sound insulation effect: while ensuring indoor air exchange, noisolation, sound insulation volume of more than 32 decibels.

2) Power ventilation and natural ventilation: when there is no need for power ventilation, it can be used as natural ventilation.

3) Enter indoor air treatment: Enter indoor fresh air filtered by activated carbon filter, and then sterilized by negative oxygen ion generator. The concentration of negative oxygen ion generator is more than 3 *106 pcs/cm3.

4) Large air volume (B-type three-gear adjustable): stepless adjustment of A-type ventilation capacity of 0-65 m3/h; B-type ventilation capacity of 100 m3/h, 60 m3/h, low-grade 30 m3/h.

5) Easy installation and maintenance: no need to change the form during installation, just reduce the height of the installation part of the glass. During maintenance, the baffle can be disassembled from the room for maintenance or replacement of spare parts, and the filter can be cleaned directly from the room.

6) Energy-saving: high-grade exhaust air and negative ion generator are used at the same time, power consumption 11-24W.

7) Easy to operate: (with remote control device).