How the motor is maintained and how the tip is measured


Continuously running motor, daily maintenance content: […]

Continuously running motor, daily maintenance content: appearance inspection, whether the fan is working normally, whether there is abnormal vibration, whether the coupling is reliable, whether the base is fastened, whether the bearing is working normally (listening to sound), whether the temperature is normal (infrared measurement Temperature meter), regularly check the wire joints and switch contacts, whether the working current is normal (clamp-type ammeter), in addition, the wire-wound motor must also check the carbon brush and slip ring.
Motor measures the same end
1. First discriminate the two ends of the three-phase winding. Adjust the multimeter to the resistance position for measurement. All coils of the same phase are connected without resistance, and coils of different phases are not connected. Therefore, according to the multimeter, It is distinguished that the two wire ends belong to the same phase winding lead-out wire.
2. Identify the same-named ends of the coil leads on both sides, adjust the pointer multimeter to the DC current range with the smallest range, and then connect the two wires of any phase winding to the meter, and then connect the other phase winding The two wire ends touch the positive and negative poles of the dry battery instantaneously, respectively. When the dry battery and the coil are turned on, if the hand is swung to the side greater than zero (that is, clockwise), the battery positive and multimeter black test leads have the same name Side, the other way round.