How to check the insulation of the motor during use


Inspection of insulation conditions. The insulating abi […]

Inspection of insulation conditions. The insulating ability of insulating materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to check the drying of the motor windings. The motor's working environment is humid, and there are corrosive gases in the work room, which will destroy the electrical insulation. The most common is the winding ground fault, that is, the insulation damage, so that the live part is in contact with the metal part that should not be charged, such as the casing. This kind of failure not only affects the normal operation of the motor, but also endangers personal safety. Therefore, when the motor is in use, always check the insulation resistance, and pay attention to check whether the grounding of the motor casing is reliable.
The inspection criteria are:
1. The influence of atmospheric pressure, chemical composition of surrounding gas and humidity on the insulation performance of the motor from environmental factors;
2. Thermal factors, the influence of the hottest temperature of the motor during operation;
3. In terms of mechanical factors, impact vibration caused by factors such as prime mover, mechanical load, transportation, frequent start or electric power;
4. From the voltage factor, the influence of the electrical stress caused by the working voltage, operating overvoltage or atmospheric overvoltage on the insulation performance of the motor.