How to choose a variety of motor models


There are various types of motors that are only bought […]

There are various types of motors that are only bought in different machining industries, but many manufacturing industries will use gear motors. Whether the gear motor is matched with the machine or whether it can achieve a high degree of consistency is an important reference item for installation proportions. How to choose the model of Taichuang Motor?
1. The source of a mechanical power is related to the mechanical engine. Engines are generally converted from kinetic energy into kinetic energy to drive the machinery. Before determining what type of geared motor to use, it is necessary to determine the operating speed of the matching target machinery. According to the running speed of the machine, the ratio of the reduction gear motor is obtained through the calculation formula of the ratio, that is, the speed ratio of the speed of the input shaft and the speed of the output shaft is the same as the speed ratio of the motor speed and the required speed of the machine.
2. Calculate the torque of the mechanical load. The distance from the acceptance point to the force point multiplied by the absolute value of the power source is the torque that the machine can load. This torque value is a parameter that determines the choice of the gear motor model. The output value of the gear motor needs to be related to The torque of the mechanical load is consistent, and then the type of geared motor is determined according to the output torque table provided by the geared motor manufacturer.
3. Determine the additional functions of the geared motor. Some additional functions are provided for specific purchase chain merchants. Therefore, when purchasing geared motors, you need to make specific detailed descriptions of the additional functions. If there is no matching motor model, the motor production Manufacturers will design according to the requirements of the purchase chain merchants, such as power-off brakes or special materials.
4. When choosing a geared motor, you need to pay attention to the maximum power that the geared motor can bear. According to the power value of the matching machine, if the power used is greater than the maximum power that the geared motor can bear, it may damage the geared motor. . Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when purchasing. The value behind the rotation ratio of the motor parameter is the power, which is the maximum power when the geared motor is working.
If there is no professional knowledge and technical support on the purchase of the motor, then you need to pay attention to the various parameter values ​​of the geared motor product when purchasing. In order to protect the motor from long-term use and not cause damage due to overload work, you can choose Taichuang motors with larger parameter values ​​can also play a protective role and are relatively safe.