How to choose a variety of motor models


There are many different types of motors that can be pu […]

There are many different types of motors that can be purchased in different machining industries, but many manufacturing industries use geared motors. Whether the geared motors are mechanically matched or can achieve a high degree of agreement is an important installation reference project. How to choose the model of the motor?
First, the source of a mechanical power is in the mechanical engine, the engine is generally converted from mechanical operation energy into kinetic energy to drive the mechanical operation. Before determining the type of geared motor used, it is necessary to determine the operating speed of the proportioning target machine. According to the running speed of the machine, the reduction ratio of the geared motor is obtained by the formula of the ratio, that is, the ratio of the speed of the input shaft to the speed of the output shaft is the same as the ratio of the motor speed to the mechanical required speed.
2. Calculate the torque of the mechanical load. The distance from the acceptance point to the force point multiplied by the absolute value of the power source is the torque that the machine can load. This torque value is the parameter that determines the type of the geared motor. The output value of the geared motor needs to be The torque of the mechanical load is consistent, and then according to the output torque meter provided by the manufacturer of the geared motor, which type of geared motor is used.
Third, determine the additional functions of the geared motor, there are some additional functions are provided to the specific purchase chain merchants, so the additional function needs to be specified in the purchase of the geared motor, if there is no matching motor model, motor production Manufacturers will design according to the requirements of the purchase chain merchants, such as power brakes or special materials.
4. When purchasing the geared motor, pay attention to the maximum power that the geared motor can carry. According to this power value, if the power is greater than the maximum power of the geared motor, the geared motor may be damaged. . Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when purchasing. One value after the rotation of the motor parameter is the power after the displacement. This power is the maximum power when the geared motor works.
If there is no professional knowledge and technical support on the optional motor, then you need to pay attention to the various parameter values ​​marked by the geared motor when purchasing. In order to protect the motor for a long time, it can not be damaged due to overload work. Larger parameter values ​​for the motor, which also protects against relative safety.