How to clean the air cooler


In response to the requirements of the national two-typ […]

In response to the requirements of the national two-type society, environmental protection and conservation have become more and more important. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the product, it is necessary to master some maintenance knowledge, and the most important thing to maintain is to clean, then here are some small ways to clean the air cooler:

More traditional methods are scraping and brushing. Brush the place that needs to be cleaned and the brush, and the dirt that is not easy to be brushed can be scraped with a martial arts. The second is to use high-pressure water or chemical cleaning (mainly pickling), just put high-pressure water or chemical water in the dirt, and carry out a chemical reaction to make the dirt fall off.

However, this more traditional method generally does not clean thoroughly, and cleaning with chemical water may cause corrosion to the equipment and damage the machine. The waste liquid remaining after chemical water washing has to be spent a lot of money for processing. Therefore, it is possible to use a cleaning agent, which is relatively environmentally friendly, safe, and thoroughly cleaned. Generally, oxidation does not occur, and the service life of the air cooler is still beneficial.