How to improve the service life of motor bearings


The way to improve the service life of motor bearings i […]

The way to improve the service life of motor bearings is as follows:
1. The bearing should be loose in the radial direction; loose here means that there is no interference between the bearing housing and the bearing seat.
2. The bearing room should be kept as far away from heat sources as possible, and the stator and rotor windings should have better heat dissipation.
3. The bearing distance should not be too large, otherwise it will accelerate the bearing damage.
4. Easy to assemble. During assembly, try to introduce the bearing into the bearing room to avoid violent assembly.
5. Conducive to lubrication, the bearing-related parts at the bearing should be designed to not only contain a sufficient amount of grease, but also to drain excess grease.
6. Grease is not easy to excessive, too much grease will hinder the heat dissipation of the bearing.
7. The inner and outer cover of the bearing should be tightly sealed to prevent dirt, dust, moisture and harmful gases from entering the bearing room.
8. The rigidity of the motor itself and the coaxiality of the bearing related parts should meet the requirements. The asynchronous motor of the motor cage rotor has a simple structure, reliable operation, light weight, and low price, and has been widely used. Its main disadvantage is that it is difficult to adjust the speed. The rotor of the wound-type Taichuang motor, like the stator, is also provided with three-phase windings and connected to the external rheostat through slip rings and brushes. Adjusting the varistor resistance can improve the starting performance of the motor and adjust the speed of the motor.
9. Add a temperature monitoring device at the bearing. In addition to stopping the alarm when the temperature rises, the temperature monitoring device can also monitor the increase in bearing temperature caused by the decrease in grease and the increase in ambient temperature.