How to maintain motor bearings


Bearings are parts that are easily damaged during opera […]

Bearings are parts that are easily damaged during operation of small and medium-sized motors. If the bearings are damaged, the noise and vibration will increase; the operating temperature will increase; the accuracy of the supporting equipment will decrease; and the motor will even be burned. How to maintain the bearings of the motor and prolong the service life should pay attention to the following factors during the installation and use of the motor:

1. Installation of coupling

When the motor is connected to the supporting equipment with a coupling, the axial force generated by the installation of the coupling should be avoided to damage the bearing. For the size of the interference fit, it is recommended to use a hot sleeve or against the shaft end face of the non-shaft extension end for installation , This can effectively prevent the bearing from being subjected to greater axial force and play a role in protecting the bearing.

2. Lubrication of bearings

According to research, about 36% of bearing damage is caused by poor bearing lubrication or improper use of grease. Since bearings are usually parts that are not easy to install and unload in mechanical equipment, problems will arise if they are not frequently lubricated. Small and medium-sized motors run normally for six months and the grease should be replaced once. When it is found that the color of the grease becomes dark, there are water droplets or dust on it; the grease hardens and deteriorates or the bearing heats up (the operating temperature of the bearing should not exceed 95℃), etc., the grease should be replaced immediately. When changing grease, remove the old grease, wash the bearing and bearing cover, and then add new grease. The amount of grease added should be 1/3~2/3 of the bearing chamber space.

3. Pollution

Bearings are precision parts. If the bearings and lubricating grease are contaminated, they will not operate effectively. Therefore, the operating environment of the motor must meet the requirements of the motor's protection level.

4. Fatigue

If the supporting equipment is overloaded, used or maintained improperly, the bearings will be affected. Studies have shown that 34% of the bearings that cause premature failure are caused by fatigue. Therefore, the motor should be operated under rated conditions to avoid overload operation.