How to protect the motor during use


If the motor is improperly protected during use, abnorm […]

If the motor is improperly protected during use, abnormal conditions are likely to occur, so we still need to know some protection common sense.
1. The motor has a wide range of applications. It usually works in harsh environments, such as humid, high temperature, dusty, and corrosive environments. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the construction of the motor and strengthen the management of equipment.
2. The selection principle of the protector is to enable the motor to fully exert its overload capacity and avoid damage, and it can also improve the reliability of the electric drive system and the continuity of production.
3. When choosing a motor, pay attention to practicality, that is, to meet the factors of reliability, economy, convenience, etc., and have a high performance-price ratio. It should meet the reliability of the function. For example, the over-current and phase-cutting functions must be able to reliably operate in various occasions, various processes, and various ways of over-current and phase-breaking. Secondly, its reliability must have adaptive stability and durability to various harsh environments. Economical, adopt advanced design and reasonable structure.
It can be seen that motor protection is to strengthen the usual management and maintenance of this equipment, plus choose a suitable protector, so that we can better protect our equipment.