How to Select Specification Type of Negative Pressure Fan


1. According to the material of the negative pressure f […]

1. According to the material of the negative pressure fan, the negative pressure fan can be roughly divided into two kinds: galvanized sheet and FRP shell. Galvanized sheet is square belt type and FRP is trumpet type direct drive. The main difference is that FRP shell can be used in chemical plants, electroplating plants and other places with strong corrosion. If there is no strong corrosion place, galvanized sheet shell can be used.


2. According to the size of the negative pressure fan, the shape and size of the negative pressure fan are fixed. The normal and general sizes in the line are galvanized sheet (1.38 meters, 1.22 meters, 1.06 meters, 0.9 meters) and FRP (1.46 meters, 1.26 meters, 1.06 meters, 0.85 meters). Combined with the installation site window, wall hole size, installation of a smaller size can be.


3. According to the choice of negative pressure fan's origin: every industry has its own origin, and the location of no origin is different. For negative pressure fan, it can be divided into: Shandong origin (low price, poor material use, general quality), Guangdong origin (more expensive, better material use, better quality).


4. According to the selection of air volume of negative pressure fan, the air volume of different types of negative pressure fan is different (the actual air volume of different brands should be noted here is actually different, not greedy, cheap and often not up to the standard). The corresponding air volume can refer to the following formula: 500 cubic space = 45,000 m/h air volume of one fan.