Knowledge About Poultry / Farm Exhaust Fan


Feature Galvanized sheet negative pressure fan series a […]


Galvanized sheet negative pressure fan series are CAD/CAM optimization design and production, with full pressure, high air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, smooth operation, long life, shutter automatic opening and closing to dust, waterproof, beautiful and generous;It is the best choice for greenhouse and workshop to cool down and ventilate.

Usage scenarios

1. Almost all places that need cooling or ventilation can be used, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, hotels, hospitals, stations, exhibition halls, song and dance halls, auditorium, conference rooms, schools, factories and other places.

2, suitable for high temperature or smell of industrial workshops, such as factories, textile factories, electronics factories, machinery factories, etc., can also be used for post cooling or overall cooling.

Core components----------YSF series negative pressure fan motor

We are "NOSCH".

We can produce all types of negative pressure fan motor,and our product pass CCC&CE&TUV certification.

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