Motor is the core component of air cooler


Evaporative cooling fans are divided into refrigeration […]

Evaporative cooling fans are divided into refrigeration industrial air-conditioners and household air-conditioners. Industrial air-conditioners are generally used in cold storage and cold chain logistics refrigeration environment. Household air-conditioning is also called water-cooled air-conditioning. It is an evaporative air-conditioning unit which integrates cooling, ventilation, dust-proof and deodorization.

Evaporative cooling and ventilation units are suitable for open and semi-open environments. They can directly transport natural air and cool air after cooling. Outdoor fresh air is filtered and cooled by evaporative cooling and ventilation unit and is continuously transported to the indoor environment.

The air with odor, dust and turbidity and muggy heat is discharged from the indoor environment, which takes into account the effects of ventilation, cooling and adding oxygen content in the air. Evaporative air cooler is especially suitable for high temperature and densely populated places.

Motor as the core parts of evaporative air cooler, if it can not continue to work for a long time, it will affect the use of those places.Our products can guarantee that there will be no quality problems within three years. All the confidence comes from many customers who trust our products.