Standard time for ventilation and ventilation of negative pressure fans in five different environments!


Negative pressure fan is a frequent customer in every w […]

Negative pressure fan is a frequent customer in every workshop. You can see it everywhere. In fact, in different environments, it has corresponding ventilation and ventilation time. This is the result of many experiments by technicians, that is, the standard in the mouth of the staff. Here is a brief introduction for you:

1. The ventilation times required in general environment are about 28 hours each time.

2. Where there is a dense flow of people, it lasts about 35 hours each time.

3. Production workshop with heating equipment, 45 hours each time;

4. High temperature and contaminated workshop, 55 hours each time;

5. The number of times in humid areas should be increased appropriately, and vice versa, should be reduced accordingly.

Above are five different environments, negative pressure fan ventilation time, hoping to help you all.