Steps to install the anti-corrosion fan motor correctly


In order to ensure the normal operation of the anti-cor […]

In order to ensure the normal operation of the anti-corrosion fan, it is necessary to ensure the normal installation of its main accessories, especially the installation of the motor, without errors, otherwise it will directly cause the fan to fail to start operation. The following teaches you how to install the fan motor correctly.
1. Corrosion fan motor-as installed in a clean, dry place indoors, well ventilated until the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 ℃, the temperature is not lower than -15 ℃, and strong heat radiation should be prevented.

2. Connect the power cord terminals tightly according to the wiring diagram. The motor with lead cables and wires can be directly connected to the power cord, and the joints should be insulated and sealed.
3. When the power cord, phase sequence and electrical thick junction symbol are connected correspondingly, the motor rotates clockwise from the shaft extension. When the steering needs to be changed, change the position of the two power lines.
4. In order to ensure the reliability of the multi-speed motor, when switching to low speed, attention should be paid to the design and operation of the control device. When cutting off the power, the neutral point of the 2Y connection should be cut off to avoid short-circuiting the power when the low-speed winding is turned on. In the process of high-speed to low-speed, low-speed winding power can only be turned on after the motor stops running, thereby reducing the impact on the motor and the load. Pay attention to the rotation of the motor during speed regulation.
5. Corrosion fan motors can use clutches, gears, belts, mechanically with the load, more than 4kw 2-pole motors should be driven by a 30kW belt, and the extension is only coupled with the electric drive. The second-axis 4-pole motor is extended . Coupling, and the motor shaft pulley shaft hole should be suitable elasticity, non-hammer installation.

When using a transmission motor shaft coupling and the center line of the load coincides with the mechanical axis of the center line, the clearance of the axial coupling is 13 mm. When using a janitor moving belt, the motor should be parallel to the center line of the shaft and the center line of the load mechanical shaft, and the center line of the belt center line is perpendicular to each other's axis.
Under normal circumstances, there will be no errors in installing the motor on the anti-corrosion fan according to the correct steps, but I am worried that the structure of the fan and the motor is very strange, which will cause installation errors.