What are the principles for selecting a motor suitable for the load characteristics


Principles of selecting a motor suitable for the load c […]

Principles of selecting a motor suitable for the load characteristics:
1. According to the starting characteristics and operating characteristics of the load, select products suitable for these characteristics to meet various requirements in the working process of production machinery. Asynchronous motors with cage rotors for three-phase asynchronous motors have a simple structure, reliable operation, light weight, and low price, and they have been widely used. The main disadvantage is that speed adjustment is difficult. The rotor of a wound three-phase asynchronous motor is also provided with a three-phase winding, like a stator, and is connected to an external rheostat through a slip ring and a brush. Adjusting the varistor resistance can improve the starting performance of the motor and adjust the speed of the motor.
2. Select a motor with a protective mode and a cooling mode suitable for the environment of the place of use. The structure should be suitable for the environmental conditions in which the motor is located.
3. Calculate and determine the appropriate motor capacity. Compared with single-phase asynchronous motors, three-phase asynchronous motors have better running performance and save various materials. According to different rotor structures, three-phase asynchronous motors can be divided into two types: cage type and winding type.
4. Select a motor with high reliability and easy maintenance.
5. Considering interchangeability, try to choose a standard motor.