What is a motor


What is a motor The broadest definition would be a devi […]

What is a motor

The broadest definition would be a device that created mechanical kinetic energy/motion from some other source of potential energy.

Some very common examples:

  • electrical motor
  • Internal combustion motor
  • steam engine

Some other things that would meet the broad definition:

  • Speaker armature/cone assembly (electrically driven)
  • linear solenoid
  • piezo transducer
  • compressed air/hydraulic rotary motor
  • compressed air/hydraulic cylinder
  • Rocket motor
  • Jet engine
  • Steam Turbine

Basically potential energy can be electrical potential, chemical, pressure, heat/thermal

Kinetic motion can be linear, rotary or reciprocating or vibrational.

I may have missed some here this is kind of off the top of my head with no research.

Some of them are reversible to become generators. For example certain electrical motors can be driven at the drive shaft and output electro-motive force (voltage) and current. Some speakers can become generators and some piezo devices can be made to convert sound pressure or vibrations into electricity. But not all are reversible, e.g. rocket motors, jet engines, etc.