What is the correct motor repair method


The damage caused by incorrect motor maintenance has oc […]

The damage caused by incorrect motor maintenance has occurred frequently in recent years. Motor accidents occur frequently because some workers do not follow the rules or cut corners during construction. When the motor is being repaired, work should be carried out in accordance with the construction procedure specifications of the national motor maintenance standard. Correct maintenance of the motor is to reduce the occurrence of motor accidents and to ensure the safety of life.

1. Power failure, the first and most critical step in the maintenance work on the motor is power failure. If the motor is repaired without power failure, the high voltage of the motor will hurt the human body. The high voltage has a high voltage coefficient, which may cause physical disability and serious death. Therefore, repairing the motor is a first step and must be done.

2. Insulation. After the motor is disassembled, the plug of the power supply should be sealed with insulating material (insulating cloth or insulating paper). The outer casing and the remaining wire end must be short-circuited to ground. People belong to a kind of conductor, and current can be shaken inside the human body. In order to prevent electric shock caused by electric shock, the insulation work must be done well.
3, fixed, after the repair, the fixed work of the motor should be done well, if the motor is not fixed properly, it is easy to leak when transporting, may cause people to be injured or drowning. In the oil processing, if the motor is fixed and unstable, the motor will fall into the container machine with high temperature to knock it over, and the number of casualties will be serious. Therefore, the work on the details should be done after the motor is repaired.