What is the relationship between the number of motor poles and the speed


The pole number refers to the magnetic pole formed by t […]

The pole number refers to the magnetic pole formed by the rotor after the rotor coil has passed the excitation current.
Briefly speaking, each revolution of the rotor can induce several cycles of current divergence in one turn of the coil of the stator.
In order to generate a 50hz potential, the number of poles requires a different speed.
50HZ*60 sec/min (ie 3000) divided by the number of poles is the number of revolutions per minute of the motor.
The electric idea is the same thing, just a reverse process of the generator.
The pole number reflects the synchronous speed of the motor, the 2-pole synchronous speed is 3000r/min, and the 4-pole synchronous speed is
1500r/min, 6-pole synchronous speed is 1000r/min, and 8-pole synchronous speed is 750r/min.
It can be understood that the 2 poles are the base number (3000), the 4 poles can only be divided by 2, the 6 poles are divided by 3, and the 8 poles are divided by 4. Without
It is said that 2 poles are also removed by 3000.
The more pole pairs of the Tektronix motor, the lower the speed of the motor, but the greater its torque;
When choosing a motor, you have to think about the starting torque of the load demand, such as the load with the load is more than the no load
The required torque for starting is large. If it is a high-power large load start, but also think about the buck start (or star triangle
As for the problem of matching the speed of the load after the motor pole count is determined, it is possible to think about the diameter of the divergence.
The pulleys are driven or matched with a shifting gear (gearbox). If it is because of the resolution of the motor pole count
After the belt or gear transmission does not reach the power requirement of the load, it is necessary to think about the power problem of the motor.