What problems do we face with an air conditioners


Air coolers thoroughly rely upon atmospheric conditions […]

Air coolers thoroughly rely upon atmospheric conditions. Air coolers convert water to vapour. The water vapour adds to air and chill off the air. The sticky regions have high water as of now noticeable all around. So when you run air cooler in high muggy regions, there is a bad situation for extra sticky to air, making the air cooler working inadequate.

To put it plainly, air coolers don't function admirably in high humid zones. The coastal areas have high humidity, making it not effective in high humid areas.

Air coolers are very noisy but nowadays much new technology emerged in the market due to which this problem is waving off. Air coolers have two segments. One, the fan or blower to circulate the air. Another is the water pump, to circulate the water in the entire cooler. Both the fan and the water pump makes such a lot of noise. To beat the noise, you can put the air cooler outside the window. Find out about how air cooler and cool contrast.

Air cooler requires constant upkeep. You have to clean the air cooler all the time. Aside from that, you have to fill the water in the tank. These are day by day assignments making it increasingly hard to manage because it takes a lot of time and effort. On the off chance that there is a no water in the tank of the cooler, at that point, the usage of the air cooler administration will turn out to be very difficult. You have to fill water normally noticeable all around cooler.

During the runtime of air cooler, water dissipates and increment the stickiness noticeable all around. Increment in the humidity is numerous positive conditions to build microscopic organisms, infections, shape in the water. In light of this explanation Asthma patients ought to be cautious about the use of air cooler. On the off chance that the air cooler utilization triggers asthma assault, it is better not to use the air cooler which do not come with new and innovative technology.

For this, you can try the wide variety of the symphony air coolers as it will help you to get rid of all the problems which are stated above.