What should you pay attention to when using the motor in winter


In some northerly areas of China, such as Heilongjiang, […]

In some northerly areas of China, such as Heilongjiang, in the cold winter temperature, the temperature reaches minus 30 degrees. How to use the motor for such a cold temperature? If the cold can still not rest, what should be paid attention to when using the motor? What? Motor manufacturers tell you that you should pay attention to the following points:

Use the motor in a -40 degree environment. The environment at this time is stable. If it is stopped once a night, it will become very difficult. Why? Because the lubricant in the motor is frozen. The solution is to add antifreeze to the original lubricant so that the lubricant will not freeze in cold conditions.

In some hot and cold environments, you should choose a higher performance accessory. Such as the oil seal of the motor or the bearing. In the case of very low ambient temperatures, the effect of thermal expansion and contraction occurs, but the degree of reaction is different. Therefore, it is better to choose a better performance for components with a larger impact on the oil seal.
Followed by the motor, although the weather is cold, the fever is not so serious. However, for motors with excessive load operation, because the ambient temperature is relatively low, you don't feel so strong about the temperature rise of the motor, so you don't know if you burn it.