What types of coolers are there


Everyone is familiar with the term cooler. The cooler i […]

Everyone is familiar with the term cooler. The cooler is actually a heat exchange device that cools things that want to remove heat by using water or air as a coolant. In particular, the types of coolers may not be very clear, so Xiaobian is here to answer for you.

The first is the hydraulic cooler tube type, which has double tube type, horizontal type, floating head and other types. The biggest feature of this type of cooler is that the coolant can flow from the tube. This cooling effect is often optimal.

The second is the well-known air-cooled hydraulic cooler. Similarly, it can also be divided into indirect, fixed and suspended. Its biggest feature is its simple structure, light weight and convenient operation, which is very popular among consumers.

The last is the corrugated plate cooler, which can also be subdivided into herringbone and diagonal corrugated. That is to use its shape characteristics to make its own flow rate is not high, the ripples form a turbulent state, and also improve its heat dissipation effect to a certain extent!