What will happen if the Hall component of the motor is broken?


1. Brake, if the electronic brake is broken, the motor […]

1. Brake, if the electronic brake is broken, the motor will not work. There are two kinds of electronic brake, one is Hall type, such as OH44E, which is a switch signal, and the other is micro-switch. It is when braking normally that the accelerating motor does not turn.


2. Rotary handles: Linear Hall: OH49E and so on are used inside. Rotary handles are usually not accelerated or accelerated directly (flying car).


3. The Hall of the motor is broken (3 in all), the motor can not turn or turn powerlessly or has abnormal noise (click). It is suggested that non-professionals should not open it, especially not pry it, because it will damage the water-proof of of the motor and so on. If you have to open it, you should scrape it (because there is a strong magnetic force in the motor, use inertia to open it once). It's better to find a professional to deal with it.


After opening, you will see three halls on the coil, usually switch halls, such as: OH44E, OH41, or OH41F. It's better to replace all three.There are three halls in the motor (hall can't be repaired if hall is changed directly).


Hall has three wires, and the multimeter is used to test whether the other two wires except the positive (usually red) power supply have voltage output (if the switch is good, the value of two is close to 0V or 5V; the linear output is 0.8-4.2V continuous value), no output or other is bad. Of course, in the test, brake and release the two movements, turn the handlebar and motor to make it turn manually.