Which is more advantageous, the negative pressure fan or the exhaust fan?


 In many environments, it is necessary to achieve venti […]

 In many environments, it is necessary to achieve ventilation in a confined space, so as to ensure the health and normal work of the staff. The exhaust fan and the negative pressure fan are common ventilation and ventilation devices, and are often used for comparison. Which is more advantageous than the negative pressure fan and the exhaust fan?


The negative pressure fan is a kind of fan, which has obvious advantages compared with the traditional exhaust fan. The specific one is:
Advantage 1: The product quality is good, and the use is simple and convenient. If manual blind control is adopted, it will not affect normal lighting and ventilation when it is not running.
Advantage 2: The exhaust volume of the single machine is very large, and has a wide applicable area. Moreover, its use in ventilation and cooling projects can also reduce engineering costs.
Advantage 3: The operation of the negative pressure fan does not need to be used in the compressor, so it has the advantages of low operating noise and no pollution.
Advantage 4: The blades are generally made of heavy aluminum die-casting blades, so they can withstand high temperatures and there are no problems such as deformation and aging.
In general, the negative pressure fan is more practical than the traditional air conditioner when used for large-area ventilation, and the exhaust fan is more suitable for the toilet and the ventilation of the kitchen. The negative pressure fan is suitable for a wide range of exhaust ventilation to promote the circulation of air, so as to achieve the purpose and effect of ventilation and fresh air. Therefore, the advantage of a negative pressure fan is relatively speaking.